Mr. Jason Kesler Will Earn His 7th Degree at the September 2018 Nationals

Mr. Jason Kesler
Fishers Elite Martial Arts
Will Earn His 7th Degree at the September 2018 Nationals

Mr. Kesler took his first class as a favor for a friend and enjoyed it immensely. After two weeks of classes it was all he wanted to do. The improvement he could see in his skills and his flexibility from class to class inspired him to put in even more effort each time he was there.

While the skills he was learning made him love taekwondo, it was the people he worked out with and the friendships he made that kept him coming to class consistently. Attending his first national tournament as a yellow belt made him realize just how big the Taekwondo America family was and that there were so many more friendships to be made. He wanted that fun, supportive and social atmosphere to be part of his life forever.

From that first competition there were many moments of success and disappointments along the way. The successes are what kept him going and he opened his own taekwondo school, introduced his daughter to martial arts, and in 2012 earned his 6th Degree Black Belt. What Mr. Kesler remembers most, though, is all the people he’s come to know and considers to be family.

For Mr. Jason Kesler taekwondo has been more than just a sport or a workout or a job. It has changed his life and made him in his own words “a better person … the kind of person I want to be.”

The weekend of September 21-22, 2018 Mr. Kesler’s life will change again as his Taekwondo America family proudly watches him earn his 7th Degree Black Belt.