New Taekwondo America Sr Partner Mr. Sean Baxter
7th Degree Black Belt
Owner of Concord Taekwondo
Concord, NC

When Mr. Baxter was 16 he started watching Kung Fu Theater every Saturday and the 1984 debut of the Karate Kid movie was the final nudge he needed to give martial arts a try. He was hooked and eventually became an instructor, opened his own school in 1995, was able to quit day job in 1999, and moved the growing school to retail location in 2000.

Over the years he has developed many relationships in his school, his community and within the national organization. The great relationships he has with his staff and students are what motivate him to open his doors each day. Relationships are also what he cites as one of the best thing about being part of an organization like Taekwondo America.

During those rare times he’s not in his school, you might find Mr. Baxter teaching a Firearms class, woodworking, or out riding his motorcycle.

His advice to new and future school owners: “What you focus on daily will make the difference between success (however you define success) and just good enough.  Be willing to get uncomfortable as growth can only happen with change.”

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