Mr. Warren Davis was awarded 9th Degree Black Belt at January 2020 National Event

Mr. Warren Davis of Davis’ Taekwondo America in McKinney TX is only the second Taekwondo America martial artist to reach the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt, and will be recognized for this achievement at the January 2020 National Event held in Plano TX January 24-25.

Even 9th Degree Black Belts start their martial arts journeys as White Belts.  Mr. Davis took his first class just after the New Year in January of 1977 when his step dad took him to visit a Taekwondo school that had just opened near their neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama.

His father had died when he was very young and his mother remarried.  After a neighborhood bully beat him up, his step-dad remembered his interest in martial arts.  As a child, Mr. Davis liked to watch Bruce Lee and read Karate Illustrated magazine) and that first trial class led him to where he is today.

Even though he has been a successful Taekwondo school owner for over 30 years, something many of you may not know is Mr. Davis didn’t pass his first Level 4 Instructor test.  In fact, he did not pass a rank test on three different occasions.  That experience really helped shape him as an instructor, and his advice to others who may get discouraged is “if you don’t succeed at something, keep trying.  Eventually you will get where you want to go.”

As much as Mr. Davis loves the challenges he’s had the opportunity to experience throughout his martial arts journey, he is “excited to be done with this rank promotion stuff!”

Congratulations, Mr. Davis!