Taekwondo America (TA) is a national organization with numerous schools across the United States. TA schools adhere to the same guidelines and procedures ensuring the same high standards across all of the schools in the organization.

The TA National Board of Examiners has developed and certified a comprehensive training and fitness program for our students to follow. This enables children and adults to progress at their own pace and ensures that we are able to meet the needs of all students.

Over the years, TA has established a reputation built upon our standard of excellence. Accordingly, we do not allow any negative, aggressive behavior, or any misuse of Taekwondo in any manner.

Taekwondo America schools compete exclusively in tournaments sponsored by the national organization. TA sponsors several regional and national tournaments throughout the year and invites all enrolled students to participate in these events.

The national organization is managed by elected officers and senior partners who also run successful family-oriented taekwondo schools with the help and support of their own families.




Mr. Warren Davis

Mr. Warren Davis was awarded 9th Degree Black Belt at January 2020 National Event Mr. Warren Davis of Davis’ Taekwondo America in McKinney TX is only the second Taekwondo America martial artist to reach the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt, and will be recognized for...

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Mr. John Emmons

Mr. John Emmons Awarded 8th degree Black Belt Mr. John Emmons, owner of Emmons’ Taekwondo America in Kissimmee Florida, received his 8th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and was inducted into Taekwondo America’s Hall of Fame September 21, 2019 at the Fall National...

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Mrs. Jenny Lacy

Mrs. Jenny Lacy Becoming Taekwondo America’s Newest 8th Degree Black Belt at the September 2018 National In 1985, after sitting and watching her husband for countless classes, Mrs. Lacy decided to try her first taekwondo class. As she tells it “long ago, in a land far...

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Mr. Jason Kesler

Mr. Jason Kesler Will Earn His 7th Degree at the September 2018 Nationals Mr. Jason Kesler Fishers Elite Martial Arts Will Earn His 7th Degree at the September 2018 Nationals Mr. Kesler took his first class as a favor for a friend and enjoyed it immensely. After two...

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Mr. Robby Lacy

Mr. Robby Lacy will be the First to be awarded 9th Degree Black Belt at the September 2018 Nationals Mr. Robby Lacy Taekwondo America’s First 9th Degree Black Belt Where it all began … Mr. Robby Lacy took his first taekwondo class in April 1977 (one month before the...

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Michael Dominach

Mr. Michael Dominach awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt at the January 2018 Nationals Mr. Michael Dominach, owner of Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy in Independence KY, started Taekwondo in January of 1991.  He finds it almost unbelievable that this new rank marks 27...

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