Taekwondo America

Synchronized Forms

Competition Rules


Competitors may wear a Traditional Taekwondo, Team, or Specialty Uniforms.
Team Names and TA schools must be submitted when registering for Team Competitions.

Speaker system with auxiliary cord. Competitors are responsible for supplying the correct adapter for the device with their music. Crowd-friendly music is ENCOURAGED but not required. Songs should be downloaded to the device since Wi-Fi can be unpredictable.

Competition Area 2 standard rings (5×10 with a one-mat safety border)’



    • The Scorekeeper starts the stopwatch once the music starts OR the competitor starts their form. Time is stopped once the Team returns to Ready Stance.
  • Judging / Scoring
    • Teams only receive one chance to demonstrate their form. 
    • Forms can be a TA form OR a free design form but must only include traditional taekwondo techniques. Example: No spins greater than 360’s, no acrobatics, and no weapons.
    • Teams should perform Taekwondo America forms and are judged on how well they stay together during synchronized sections and how well they perform non-synchronized sections of the forms. The expected ratio of synchronized to non-synchronized should be 70:30.
    • One point deductions include:
      • Exceeding the 90 second time limit
      • Leaving the competition area to perform a technique or because of balance failure (1 point for each instance)
      • Doing “extreme” movements. These include gymnastic or tricking moves like cartwheels, flips, round offs, or spins greater than 360s.
      • Starting and stopping the form (except due to music malfunction)
    • Judges score the overall quality of the form based on:
      • SYNCHRONIZATION: How well does the team stay together? Creative set-ups and sequences (staggering, back to back, mirroring, starting in separate corners) are allowed but 70% of the movements should be synchronized.
      • ORIGINALITY: The more unique & exciting the form, the higher the score. 
      • EXECUTION: Good technique, snap & power; comparable to what you would expect during a regular forms competition.
      • ENTERTAINMENT: The creativity and appeal to the audience.

Each competitor is scored immediately following their form on a 1/10th point scale from 5.0 to 10.0
In the event of a tie, each student receives 1 opportunity to perform their form in a run-off.
Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.